Wednesday, January 03, 2007

-= ascii to ascii code tool =-

this is very similar to the ascii to binary conversion i made earlier, this one is good for use with arrays to count characters in a file and see which one is most frequent etc...
you'll need this tool to get the ascii code for letters.
also you could just use it to send cryptic codes, it's up to you?

use it here
source code here

work now featured on wikipedia

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g_nick said...

Hi boujemong!
Any idea about Rexx based EBCDIC to ASCII converter?

boujemong said...

Hi, I just looked up EBCDIC as I've not heard of it before, and initially I think it's possible through 3D associative arrays. It might not be the most efficient way but will certainly do the job.
I'm guessing your input would be something like: 84 C2 95 giving an output of dAn?
can I ask what you are using the EBCDIC for?

g_nick said...

Hi, I run some queries on IBM mainframe, and since IBM using that system for storing data it always transmitted to my PC without conversion.As a result all string fields in local languages are appeard with unprintable characters.
Thanks for advise . Will think about

franch said...

Hi! I just happen to browse your site because I am curious to find what kind of code is this:


My friend gave me this code and I really do not know what this means and maybe you could help with this.

Thanks much!

boujemong said...


I have no idea what the code means, but may be able to offer some help.
is it a serial for a program?
if not then the random upper case letters probably aren't random, and this would suggest some kind of ascii coding, as upper case and lower case numbers are represented by different ascii numbers.

can i ask under what context your friend gave you this code?

take care


Adie said...

Interesting to know.